Sezono naujiena - flamenko šokio spektaklis "SVAJONĖS"

"Madam" premjera: apie pasirinkimą būti savimi.

Charming and involving performances!

Sandra Domingo, an expressive and energetic professional flamenco dancer and choreographer, is the founder of Sandra Domingo Flamenco Dance Theatre. In 2012 the performer of Lithuanian descent graduated from Alicia Alonso Dance Institute with a Master's degree of Stage Arts. She also studied at the world famous Amor de Dios flamenco academy (Madrid, Spain) with the renowned and awarded flamenco dance virtuosos, such as Maria Juncal, Joaquin Grilo, La Lupi, Carmen La Talegona, Alfonso Losa, Concha Jareno, David Paniagua, Olga Pericet, El Guito, Pepa Molina, Belen Fernandez, La Tati and others.

In 2012 at the Theatre of Madrid together with her colleagues she presented an experimental dance performance J. S. Bach: Goldberg Variations, also taught the secrets of acting and stage art at one of the Lithuanian universities.

Sandra has a number of trunks and travels a lot, living between Vilnius and Madrid. She also teaches flamenco at dance studio in Lithuania, as well as international seminars abroad. Sandra's students come from various ethnic backgrounds: from Spanish, Lithuanians and Swedes to Azerbaijani.

In 2015 she gathered a charismatic troupe and founded her own theatre. The début dance performance CARMEN: If the God Was a Woman, presented to Lithuanian and Latvian audiences, surpassed the viewers' expectations. Currently she cannot wait to present her new project FIESTA: Eat, Pray and Love, which required particularly much energy, effort and time.