Sezono naujiena - flamenko šokio spektaklis "SVAJONĖS"

"Madam" premjera: apie pasirinkimą būti savimi.

Charming and involving performances!

The idea to establish Sandra Domingo Flamenco Dance Theatre in Lithuania and put the art of flamenco on a professional theatre stage has been nesting in Sandra's mind for a while. And when you wish something very hard, put your entire heart in the matter and are not afraid to keep dreaming, one day you wake up and see that your dreams have suddenly become true. :) Thus, after several years of challenges Sandra Domingo Flamenco Dance Theatre was born in 2014!

The founder Sandra Domingo is happy to be able to present her Flamenco Dance Theatre, full of vibrant ideas, metal-heeled shoes and the desire to share the Spanish passion and love for dance with the audience. There is no other in the entire Lithuania!

Here you can enjoy not only the classical art of flamenco, but also new and original creative explorations and the language of flamenco unfolding yet in different colours: unexpected expression and originality.

The troupe consists of a number of impressive, charismatic and particularly different flamenco dancers with vast concerting experience and dancing only flamenco! A successful start of their career as flamenco dancers at (one of the most famous dance schools in the country), also their talent, flamenco technique and dedication have led their way to join the Theatre troupe and embody their passion for stage and flamenco art together.